The Steele Center Has a Website!

Welcome to the Steele Center!

We are a new non-profit corporation with lofty goals. Our mission is to provide educational opportunities to people, young and old, in order to help them to either connect or re-connect to nature and the Earth. Now more than ever there is a great need for people to understand how all of the functioning parts and ecosystems of our planet fit and work together to create one great whole. Every part is important. If one part suffers, it can have a profound affect on the whole Earth system.

Climate change won’t be just a serious challenge for all humans. It is already a serious challenge for plants and animals, birds, aquatic life, insects, and millions of microscopic living things that all rely on each other to survive. And we rely on them to survive. We are hoping to break down all of the information about what is happening and why, as well as making suggestions about ways that we all as individuals can make a difference.

It is also our hope that by promoting a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle, we can show people that they have the power to improve their quality of life, their health, and their happiness while also reducing the stress in their lives. Remember how I said that all of Earth’s parts need to function together? Well, WE are a huge important part, and we have an enormous affect on how other parts function. We believe that by simplifying our lives and re-integrating with the natural world, we can all take part in the healing of ourselves and save the planet at the same time.

With love for the Earth,


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